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Originally Posted by benzy89 View Post
Simota CF intake?

Originally Posted by BuraQ View Post
There are couple of things wrong with those dyno runs

Air efficiency was not set up correctly. One fan should have been directed to the Intercooler, and the other should have been aimed directly to the kidney grills to force feed the intake mouth to be close as possible to real world conditions.

Your car was being ran into high RPMs with no pressure at the intake mouth. I wouldnt be surpised that your DME started pulling timing
Thanks for the feedback. I too noticed this after the first baseline run, but in the interest of not adding another variable in the before/after dyno runs, I didn't want to change the fan setup and give the CF intake any additional benefit.

With that said, I've come to accept that all the dynos within 500 mile radius of me don't have any fans which can replicate the air CFM's the car will experience while on the road.

The only dyno that I am aware of that can, is the MAHA LPS 3000, which has an air fan accessory which can be purchased along with the dyno. It is a beast of a fan, looking like this:

The closest MAHA dyno I am aware of is in LA...

Originally Posted by BuraQ View Post
On your dyno run, what do you mean that Sport Button was depressed ? Was the Sport Button enabled or disabled during the dyno ? If the sport button was not "enabled" you were not getting overboost by the looks of those numbers.
When I said it was depressed, I meant it was enabled.

Originally Posted by BuraQ View Post
Also, from the looks of the dyno graph the person runing the car was hesitant on the throttle as your tourque should be much smoother than that. His foot should have been a bit more consistent in going down of the peddle just before the kick down

With all due respect to the tuner I dont think he had much experience with an N54 DCT. There is alot of errors in that dyno.

When i dyno my car I request that xyz should be a certain way, your the paying customer.
You may certainly have a point, as this was their first N54 on the dyno, let alone N54 DCT. Either way I will accept the overall results considering it is a Mustang dyno, and the CF intake did show improvements.