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Originally Posted by Blindside_137 View Post
ok thanks for the info, i thought the M might have the thunders and lux on the white one. Trying to make my mind up on what I want lol, it's so hard haha

but in all seriousness, awesome pictures
so my opinion on that last statement. i hate the amber stock angels. but i never knew what to get. I never could justify spending $250+ on little light bulbs. so many claim they are the brightest with perfect outer lit rings. but no matter how you claim it, unless you go OSS, the outer rings were never made to produce perfectly lit rings.

i decided to just throw some GP thunders in really quick to get rid of the stocks. got the 7500k GPs, had them coded with increase voltage. and i can honestly vouch, it was the best $17 ever spent. when you get low and step a few feet away (the vision of on coming traffic), the rings are very very well lit.

here is a picture of mine, in the daytime, no editing done to the photo. so many say they are really bright, and look evenly lit like "lux's".

i'm honestly going to stick with GPs now. $17 to me personally makes sense. $250+ doesnt. but that's me hope this helps
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