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Originally Posted by lbernielu View Post
You might want to look at Pentosin - it is available in liter bottles and may be OE.

I don't think Pentosin made any of the gear oil for BMW and I think the Pentosin fluid on those sites are selling stuff meant to replace LT2 fluids, not LT3.

According to spare part number of vehicle manufacturer:
- Esso Gear Oil 304
=> BMW Oil No. 2300 1434 404 (clutch bell housing label MTF-LT1)
- BP Castrol BOT 338
=> BMW Oil No. 2300 7533 513 (clutch bell housing label MTF-LT2)
- BP Castrol BOT 207
=> BMW Oil No. 2300 7533 818 (clutch bell housing label MTF-LT3)
Warning: use of incorrect lubricant can cause transmission failure

According to that, looks like Castrol does both LT2 and LT3. From reading, LT2 supercedes LT1, but LT3 is a whole nother thing and you should not use one or the other (LT2 or LT3) in place of each other.

2008 MY and later E90, E92 and E93 M3 require MTF-LT-2 fluid for conventional manual transmissions. This fluid is not
to be used in the Dual-Clutch Manual Transmission (M DCT Drive logic). Refer to Operating Fluids, Group 28 for the Dual-
Clutch Manual Transmission ((M DCT Drive logic) recommended lubricant.
MTF-LT-2 Fluid
BMW P/N 83 22 0 309 031
F. From Model Year 2006 all vehicles equipped with a manual transmission and the N52, N54 engines require the MTFLT-
3 long-term fluid. Refer to label on transmission, if label is missing enter vin number into EPC to acquire a new label
with fluid description.
BMW P/N 83 22 0 409 878
No oil change is required for the entire service life of these transmissions.

Looks like if you have an E9x M3, then you use LT2. All other E9x with a manual tranny uses LT3. LT3 is supposedly like an ATF fluid, because it is very thin. Some E9x M3 owners used LT3 and have no problems......yet. I wouldn't get anything thicker then LT3 for my e90 because it'd just make it shift like crap and I wouldn't get anything thinner for fear it'd not offer the same protection. For engine oil, I get oil on BMW's approved list. I don't think BMW has an approved list for tranny fluid, especially since they say it's "life time", so for this, I'd get exactly the same stuff that's coming out of it or whatever BMW says supercedes it. Using some of the "racing" tranny fluid might make your car feel like it shifts better, but shifting better is not exactly an indication that the fluid is doing what it is suppose to do...such as lubercating the gears properly.

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