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Need help with negotiating

Alright, I know this gets talked about a lot, but a lot of times it seems specific or it ends up in a fight over what fees are worth what, so I was hoping I might get some help here.

As a background, I, nor have my parents, ever bought a car from a dealership, or leased a car before, so I know very little about the negotiations.

I've decided that a lease is best for me because I can have lower payments to save money for a house, I don't usually put many miles on a car, and I like new cars, so in 3 years I'll probably be ready for the latest and greatest again.

Here's what I'm looking at:

E92 335i
Cold Weather (I want the heated seats and the whole package is only another $200 invoice)
Comfort Access
HD Radio

Invoice: $46,220
MSRP: $50,270

Because it's a lease, I'd like to keep the down payment to a reasonably small number, perhaps $1000-2000. I understand this is smarter with a lease.

Now, I hear people say aim for $500 over invoice, but is that for a purchase or a lease, and is it actually reasonable? In my case, would $47,000 even be an attainable number?

And I've heard some people say negotiate the monthly payment on a lease, not the price, because after you get the price, there is always the lease interest rates (which I don't entirely understand, what is this rate and how does it affect me?).

If I could get a crash course on dealing with a dealer before I go in to make my order next week, I would greatly appreciate it. I know that there are obviously some factors that vary from location to location and deal to deal, but I just don't have the dealership negotiation experience and I want to be as informed as I can be so I don't get screwed on anything.

Thanks in advance!!