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Originally Posted by AJerman View Post
A few other numbers questions, everyone on here says they paid "$xxx over invoice", I assume that's before fees? When you say to aim for $500-1000 over invoice, how much more can be expected for the required fees (ignoring tax, tags, title, etc, just dealer fees, security, acquisition, doc, etc). I'm trying to build a range of numbers where I'd be very happy and hand a checkover right then, and where I'd rather go ask around first. I want to be ambitious of what I can get, but I don't want to be overly ambitious and find I'm never going to hit the right numbers.

Thanks again for the help. I know this thread may be familiar to several othershere, but it means a lot to me to get a little personal reassurance and help. If I'm about to buy a $50,000 (or even lease), I want to make sure I'm prepared to go into the deal smart.
Never leased a car, but as far as buying goes, I've bought 4, and just ordered a 335i coupe (in sig below) for ED. Now the ED prices are pretty low, and I made a compromise and agreed to $1,000 over invoice on my car. But thats it! You can probably get a SLIGHTLY better deal online, or a dealership far away, but for a good dealer, close by that should count for something. As far as price goes... I just ran down the list at ED invoice. (Aside from the car, all the options are cheaper.) Then added on destination ($775), and added on $1,000 (for them ) and that was it. If you're buying your car here in the US, then you'll have to pay some kinda "training fee" and the "MACO fee". So originally my dealer quoted me as $1,225 for all fees including destination, but I disputed it since ED cars only have to pay the destination fee.

I just priced out your car like I did mine (well for US port invoice)...
$35,790 - car
$00,455 - comfort
$02,320 - premium
$01,545 - sport pkg
$01,910 - Nav
$00,540 - Satellite
$00,315 - HD radio
$00,360 - iPod
$00,320 - Parking dist cont.
$00,180 - training FEE
$00,775 - destination FEE
$00,400 - maco/ advertising FEE (it varies, and $400 would be on the high side)

Total = $44,910

So, thats invoice + "the usual" fees (I didn't include tax,title, license), and I'm pretty sure even at invoice there is a dealer hold back, so they are still making some money on it regardless. (As far as I know, there is no hold back on ED cars.)

So I'd say if you were buying, I wouldn't really go higher than $46k, thats just a free $1,000 for them, and even if they made it $46,500, thats still less than your $47k. Hope that helped somewhat.
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