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Alright, well that's what I ended up doing. I sent an email over to my SA and told him that the $650 number was important to me, so if they could take another $500 off, I'd do $1000 down and we'd be there, and also that I'd like an agreement that should the MF drop in May or June before my car gets here, that we will renegotiate with the new numbers.

With the deals that I've seen everyone else getting on these cars, another $500 off puts me at $46,815 from an invoice of $45,535. I think that's a very good offer on my side and hopefully my business is worth it to them.

He already told me he'd normally throw floor mats in but with the deal he originally gave me, it was too low to do that, so I guess I'm definitely not getting floor mats, haha. I still think it's absolutely ridiculous that floor mats are an extra cost when I could buy a Kia for a quarter of the price and get floor mats included.

Let's hope for good news tomorrow morning!

Oh, and I also decided on Jet Black, Jade Gray, and Gray Poplar.