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Varrstoen ES 2.2.2 19"

Hey all,

Just bought a set of Varrstoen ES 2.2.2 (Volk Racing TE37 reps) in matt black on an impulse and have been told by the wife to get rid of one set of wheels. As i quite like my existing Prodrive GC05Ks,i'm selling these.

(Images shamelessly ripped off vendor's posts)

Fronts are 19x8.5,ET35
Rears are 19x9.5,ET33

These rims don't require hub rings,one of the great things about them! Colour is powdercoated on so no unsightly clearcoat peeling a la some other replicas.

Cars these wheels will DEFINATELY fit:

E46 Coupe
E92 Coupe
E89 Z4

Cars these wheels SHOULD fit (unsure about offset,rubbing etc)

E46 Sedan
E90 Sedan
E91 Wagon
E85 Z4
E39 Sedan

No tyres,rims are BRAND NEW IN BOX,only one box has been opened and even then,only to admire the rim. Rims in box come with lip guards,covers,the lot.

I'm chasing $1800 for the set. You couldn't get a set in for this price,especially counting the massive reaming i received dealing with DB Schenker and the WA Airport. Am willing to freight but it'll be extra