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Originally Posted by HP Autowerks View Post
Haven't seen any rear upper damper mount failures onthe E8X/9X chassis yet, but will look into it.

It happened on mine during an autoX. It busted the bushing that goes on the "shock side" of shock mount. It did not affect the "trunk liner side" bushing.

It happened on a pretty rough site with lots of elevation changes. It seems the bushing got unloaded and shifted a bit when the suspension became fully unloaded at the peak of an undulation. Then, when the weight of the car came back down to load the suspension, the "nipple" on top of the bushing had shifted underneath the sheet metal and the weight of the car was smashing down on that nipple, destroying the bushing.

In fact, a tougher polyurethane bushing with a taller nipple might be enough to prevent that in the future.
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