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Originally Posted by MARIO K
Originally Posted by atown88 View Post
On the contrary, 13k modded on an n52 won't get you very far. Or at least, your budget will be spent gaining 10hp. If he's going strictly cosmetics, then definitely 13k would put him on creminz level.

I personally would go for the f30. You could always tune that thing, and i'm sure after a year or so, those who think its ugly will start to love it.
You sir are absolutely correct about the n52.. I should have specified I was talking about exterior modifications such as wheels, bumpers etc..

On the other hand I don't think 13k will put anyone by Creaminz' level... so much money, labor, and parts have gone into that beast.. I remember an older thread where he mentioned how much he had spent to date, and let's just say if you multiply that 13k by 7 or 8 then we would be kinda close lol
Multiply by seven or 8! Maybe all the phases it's been thru all together. And still not that much. $100k is alot of money. Im sure you can achieve his current set up for around 30-40k. Even that seems like alot

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