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Originally Posted by krhodes1 View Post
Paying for NAV in a car makes no sense to me. A $100 TomTom is better than ANY built-in NAV system I have ever used, and as a 30+ week a year car renter for work I have used ALL of them. And when the maps get stale you can just get a new $100 TomTom and get the latest hardware too. And you can use it in a different car, rental car, lend it to your Mom, whatever.

And I certainly have less than zero interest in having album are displayed on a gigantic screen in my car.
It's all about the integration with the car, both visually and functionally, which lends to greater convenience.

How long does it take your handheld nav to lock in on GPS when starting up? Built in nav is ready to go as soon as you start the car.

How well does your handheld nav work in super urban environments, tunnels, or parking garages? Built in navs can still track you with vehicle speed and compass info.

Always have to remember to unplug and hide your hand held nav, mount, and charger for fear of theft? Not so with built in nav.

And it's more than just navigation. The iDrive provides much more functionality and integration with all systems in the car. Entertainment, phone, onboard computer (text read out of check-control messages instead of a mystery icon), GUI for vehicle personalization settings, etc.
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