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Originally Posted by Greenkirby21 View Post
Edit: Tell us how it was and what you did silly!

i envy you soo much. those pics are awesome .

I watched every conference on live stream.

In terms of games(which I care mostly about) I think sony stole the show. Aside from wonderbook, it was all about games. I have never been a fan of sony, never owned any of their systems, but god of war, watch dogs, last story, and beyond two souls look amazing!

Nintendo got second place, and would have gotten first if they had included a big wow factor. Their conference was fine, games were great, but I think everyone was waiting for a AAA title game(Zelda, a true 3d mario, star fox, metroid, etc). I remember E3 many years ago, when at the very end they showed Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess. Nobody was expecting it, and everyone went crazy. Nintendo needed to tease everyone about what the Wii U can do. Pikmin 3 is great, but I don't think it appeals to everyone, and doesn't show off the power of the wii u since this game was originally created for the Wii.

I was very impressed with ZombiU. It is a true "scary" zombie game. Just looking at the gameplay video I got the shit scared out of me a few times.

Microsoft got last for me because they didnt focus on games too much. To be honest, they seem to be left behind in the FPS era. They focused on too many things I personally don't care about, and the games they showed(Call of Duty, AC3) are going to be on other consoles. The only thing that was great was halo 4. Looks fantastic and refreshed!
It was a very very nice show! It was along day for me started with the nintendo E3 all access to the show 12pm opening all the way to 6pm. New innovations from software development and game consoles. There are a lot of things going on on every booth, i did not even know where to start.
I was impressed by the Wii U games Zombie U and Batman Arkham City.
I agree with you, Halo 4..rocked the show!
My ranking for game consoles:
1. Wii U
2. PS3
3. Xbox