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Originally Posted by skelts View Post
sounds like you've had a pretty s**t day but on a positive note the wheels change the car and looks awesome. Its amazing what a small mod such as wheels can do to a car.

Look forward to seeing some more mods being done

Any idea as to what your gonna drop it on yet?
Thanks skelts. One of the pics reminds me of one of the pics I've seen of yours!

Dilemma, regarding drop. Budget (?!) set of coilovers ( bc racing a at 700) or intrax springs ( 200) only that give an ok drop? Looking at it only needs an inch so thinking springs may be ok? Just know i'll get springs then decide need coilies!

Originally Posted by old grey steve View Post
Indeed a mixed day Nick, I remember some years ago having new wheels put on only for the tyre fitter to damage the wheel when he fitted one tyre. A week or so later went back to have a bit of 4 wheel alignment done only for another guy to chip another wheel when hanging he gear off the rims so having agreed that one wheel needed doing after they fitted the tyres again the poor manager had to stump up a bit more for the second wheel.

Sadly these things do happen, one thing you cant do is blame yourself it's annoying and has the capability of really take the shine off an event which is the unveiling of your new wheels, which do look rather sweet I have to say but a car wash is accessible to all its there to provide a service sadly it's done you a bit of a disservice.

But onwards and upwards keep on modding and look forward to the updates
Good words Steve and very true!