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Originally Posted by BMCoupe_782 View Post
Who do you have for this fight? It's next week in Vegas. I'm a huge "money" Mayweather fan and this should be no contest. I'm flying to Vegas to watch it!!!

Now Mayweather vs Pacman is the fight we all want. Who knows if that's going to happen. I'd even pay good money to see Amir Khan go up against pretty boy...
You're a huge Mayweather fan? All of my friends who are into boxing that used to be fan's of his aren't anymore. I thought they went the way of the dodo.

When is he going to fight someone worth his time? He has been ducking Pacquiao forever. Don't even try and say it is the other way around because it isn't. The quality of fighter's Pacman has been going up against are much better than Mayweathers.

Mayweather thinks he can finish his career undefeated and proclaim himself the greatest fighter that ever lived. However, boxing fans will never give him the credit because he spent the last 4 years ducking the only fight that anyone ever wanted to see..

It's too bad too.. Mayweather vs. Pacquiao had the opportunity to bring boxing back into the spotlight and keep it there with a series of fights people actually cared about.. But with the UFC purchasing strikeforce, it might be the last big push MMA needed to start ushering in a new era of entertainment through fighting.
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