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Originally Posted by Andy M View Post
Well, the concept of anything shiny and glossy is the same in terms of removing scratches. You're really removing a very fine layer so that the scratches don't reflect light. The car body has a layer of clear coat over the color coat so when you use a scratch remover product, it's taking off the clear coat.

Actually what worked for the clear plastic cover for the spedometer (since I accidentally made a deep scratch with my iron ring) is Brasso. Just apply Brasso to microfiber cloth and rub it over the scratch. You'll have to several runs though (don't expect to get it out right away without some effort).

I use Brasso on a lot of things without any problems. It might be easiest to remove the trim from the car to polish it (or you'll risk getting the polish all over the car).

Edit: just remembered the name of another product that's similar to Brasso but specifically for plastics in cars: Meguiar's PlastX.
Thank you so so much for your help and tips....i just bought the Meguiar's PlastX now online, as i always use Meguiars products and have lots of them at home, so also good thing to add to the collection!!

my car is going to bmw tomorrow anyways for things they messed up when they had my car 3 weeks ago for a little leak in the roof. They scratched my piano black trim very deeply when they cleaned it - so they will be replacing it...but i need to polish out the small scratches on the other trim parts that wont be thanks for the tips!

And btw....just thought id add the list of things BMW messed up when they were sorting out the roof:
  • Piano black trim (the top part above glove box) - Should be getting replaced
  • Curbed two of the wheels - Getting replaced
  • Broke the rear side black trim around the windows and GLUED it back on with glue gun + slightly dripping!! - Getting replaced
  • Made a dent on the inside rear panel when they removed the roof - Getting replaced
  • Few more small bits n bobs to sort out like my creaking chair!! - Getting sorted

    Yeah.....this dealer sucks!!! not to mention they handed me back the car with 2miles of pertrol left!!! (which i have mentioned to main BMW and they said that is appaling and will be sorted with manager)
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