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Originally Posted by youyou View Post
I know the guys at my dealer very well and they're great guys...
I know alot of guys that work in the shop as well as the service manager.
I'll swing by there this week and ask them a few questions regarding this.
Hopefully they might shed a little more light into this.
FYI for when you ask:

The P/N of the 2009 3 Series iDrive main components are:

Controller: P/N 65 8 291 89 048
CIC: 65 1 291 99 907
LCD Screen (HD): P/N 65 8 291 93 755

The question is, are the connectors of these CIC components the same as the CCC iDrive? Using WDS, the 2008 3 Series controller connector is labeled X14099, the 2008 CCC connectors are labeled X13812, X13815, X13814, X13820, X13816 and X13817.

So far the 2009 5 Series CIC controller has the same P/N as the 2009 3 Series controller, but its CCC P/N is different from the 2008 3 Series CCC.

My contact at the local BMW dealer could not find the P/N nor the WDS labels of the connectors of these 2009 components.

Any help will be greatly appreciated...