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Originally Posted by Booster4075 View Post
Technic- I've attached a pic of the back of the new CIC. The "main" connector that supplies power, k-can, & MOST looks the same. The antenna connectors (#8 is GPS, #11 is radio antenna) look like the same fakra connectors as in the past. (#9 & #10 aren't used in US - I dunno what they are - likely TV or something.) The only difference I see is #1 which is the new LVDS cable to the hi-res CID. (FYI - #2 is the glove box USB connector and #3 is a "ethernet" expansion port which is currently not used.)

Seems like this would be somewhat easy to try if the hardware were available...a new-style CIC, new-style CID (along with the new LVDS cable), as well as the new-style controller (assuming it plugs in like the 1st-gen 4-pin) would be needed to try it.
Thank you very much for that photo.

Is that photo from the service? I'm thinking of paying the $30.00 for a day of access to see what I can find.

So I have to assume that the new HD LCD display do not have the same connector as the "old" LCD display?