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Originally Posted by aram0492 View Post
Hey apme123 fuck you. I'm Armenian and unfortunately there are bad apples in our culture just like everyone else's, it's definitely not 99%. Maybe the other way around 1% but not 99. I've had great experience with most and shitty ones with two shops. Flaws are everywhere and you don't fucking generalize hate towards someone's race like that.
+1 on generalization and it isn't good put it out there like apme123 did. I'm Persian but I still generalize my ethnicity and all it's surrounding countries because even though not all of them are bad... there are a lot of bad apples in the whole middle eastern culture..and they tend to be mostly in the valley. I've met a handful of honest Armenians and Persians but majority of them I meet here (in the valley) are the bad ones. I feel I should mention my best friend is Armenian and he comes from an honest family which gives me a chance to step back and open my eyes again and realize they all aren't like that. As for the Persians, my family isn't like that so I try not to generalize all Persians either. But whenever I do business with people from that culture I'm always a little more skeptical and precautions. I keep in mind that their probably feeling the same way towards me if I mention where I'm from so I don't want them to generalize me so I try to make a good first impression. But the way Aurthor handled his business, even from the start, sounded completely unprofessional (being an understatement) and just downright like a bad person. Which is sad because it adds to the epitome of the typical middle eastern scumbag. Anyways bro, save your breath you can't change prejudice people.
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