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Originally Posted by mitch88 View Post
What would you recommend as the best drying product and buffing towels? Also, what would you recommend as the best drying technique?
Great question. We really stress the importance of investing in the proper washing and drying tools and techniques. This is how we recommend drying vehicles:

After you have rinsed off your vehicle for the final time, remove your spray nozzle. Flood the surface of the vehicle from the top down. The flooding creates a sheeting effect that will self dry the vehicle. What I do is start from the top of the vehicle and move left to right with the hose. On the way back, right to left, lower the hose to the point where the water is falling and proceed to "catch" the falling water from your initial pass. Continue this method until you reach the bottom of the car. Like I said, you'll notice a vast majority of the water off the paint before you even begin to use your drying towel.

My product of choice for drying towels is Microfiber Waffle Weave Towels. This combination of sheeting the water and the microfiber waffle weave drying towels is the safest combination I have found for quickly and effectively drying your vehicle, while minimizing adding additional imperfections into the paint. Seventy percent or more of imperfections typically occur by using improper washing and drying products and techniques.

Chamois, like the popular Absorber, tend to have a fairly flat surface, which if there is still contamination on the surface, you risk adding swirls to the paint. Similar reason why a sponge is one of the worst things you wash your vehicle with. You want something with texture and a thicker pile so that contamination is not just being pushed around the surface, but can be absorbed into and pulled away from the surface. This is why professionals will recommend a sheepskin wash mitt or an Edge ShMITT.

As far as towels to remove product, I have had some great feedback on our General Purpose Microfiber Towels. The resident pro detailer, picus, recently commented on our towels here in this thread on Detail University. They seem to have the perfect nap for removing polishes and are very durable. Many people who have tried them say they enjoy these more than the higher priced specialty towels.

Originally Posted by TML BMW View Post

What is your opinion on detailing a grey car? The color is space grey. I was looking into buying all the products I need since I have nothing right now. I will keep really good care of the car and wash it myself. I have no experience with good products, but am looking to either get the zaino kit, a souns kit with Klasse AIO and P21S, or am going to get a large kit from Griots Garage. I would love to hear your opinion on these products, or any others you would recommend! Thanks
I think you'll have good results with any of the products you have mentioned assuming you take the time to properly prep the vehicle. We carry some of the mentioned products like Klasse and P21s as well as Menzerna, Poorboy's World, Clear Kote, Pinnacle Souveran, Lake Country, Porter Cable, Clay Magic and a couple of other brands for exterior care. I'd be happy to put together a complete package that fits your detailing needs. Let me know what your goals and objectives are, time commitment and how often you plan on maintaining your vehicle and I will give you my best recommendation.

Hope to hear from you soon. Feel free to PM me or post for others to view.

Originally Posted by 328i View Post
I've bought from Detailed Image before after getting advice from them on e46fanatics and was very happy with the recommended products, they're what got me so into detailing my car and now I strive to have a flawless car.

Anyway, Greg, I was wondering if you guys plan on carrying any other brands of products anytime soon, particularly the Optimum line?
Thank you for the positive feedback 328i. It's great hearing from our previous customers. We have talked about carrying the Optimum line but I cannot give you an estimated date on that. I am excited to read about the new Opti-Seal.

We greatly appreciate your support of Detailed Image.