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What does this head unit cost? Does it work pre 09's

What does this head unit cost?
And how does it integrate with older cars that have most bus connections
Hi Fi or L7 ?
If you already have bluetooth or BMW assist how would it affect these or be possible?
Are there any real improvement in sound for people with the base system?
What about reprogramming issues for people with the older most bus setup?
And at some point I got the impression that USB upgrades where not possible
with old non idrive setup from BMW using a BMW retrofit.

I read the bluetooth sticky and it looks like there is a lot of confusion and if you need the ULF module it costs 600 or more plus all the other trouble you have getting it up and running.
Might as well be a Dension Gateway 500 or a mobridge and be done with it. Confusing and Frustrating.

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