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Originally Posted by o0timbo0o View Post
interesting .. mine is has a custom exhaust and have been told the cat was removed. ( must have been because the exhaust fumes stink like a mid 90's peugeot 306 DTurbo !)
The DPF must still be in place though because I can eat my dinner off the inside of the pipes .. clean as a whistle .. even at 95k
To regenerate the DPF the exhaust temp needs to be at about 650degC for about 10-15 mins, max exhaust temp at turbo in is 800degC at max power.
Maybe in Germany it's possible to maintain these high exhaust temps or on the track but in normal driving it's not. So what happens is an exothermic reaction is set up in the Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (cat) that increases the gas temp from the normal 300-400degC to about 650degC and allows the DPF to regen.
No cat, no regen, blocked DPF in about 1000km.
Last job was DPF calibration engineer