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Another E90 rough idle thread

car is 2006 330i

My car is idling rough. It starts fine and seems to have reasonable power. Gas mileage hasn't changed, but low rpm acceleration seems sluggish.

I am waiting for my obd2 to usb cable so I can use inpa to troubleshoot.

In the interim, I scanned with an Innova 3030g and got the following codes

P0306 cylinder 6 misfire and P0171 and P0174 system too lean for banks 1 and 2

Battery was replaced a year ago (napa).

The oil filter housing was leaking, so I removed it. The alternator is totally saturated with oil, so I removed it as well.

Spark plugs were changed at 80k miles (81k on car now) along with 1 coil.

When I changed the coil, the supplier gave me one from a 330 ci, but while the rough idle was gone, the ci coil had a spring in the sparkplug end while the oem snapped on to the plug.

They ordered another coil that snapped on like the oem and the rough idel returned??

Any thoughts on all this?