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How goes it Chris?

I'm in a similiar situation if not identical. I'm currently in Balad, Iraq and I've got 3 more months left in theater. I just placed my order yesterday with First Choice MSP. I ordered a monaco blue 335xi coupe w/ ZPP, ZSP (18" wheels), CA, Step, HD Radio, Ipod, and Heated front seats for $46,525. I am also registering my car in NY, but I live there. I was told by the rep, Lisa Dimmick, production should start in June and delivery by mid-August, couple weeks after I redeploy.

To answer your questions, so far I'm pretty happy with their services. First Choice MSP's office is located in Dubai and it's run by the Brits. They communicate via email, and Lisa had been wonderful throughout the process. A friend of mine ordered a 335i with them and he worked with Warren. He's expecting delivery next week. He wanted it earlier, but there was a disconnect in coms. He advised, be direct and specific with your instructions and keep an open communication with your rep. Compared to what I was quoted when I went home on leave last October, the price was about 3-4k difference. If you search for invoice pricing, we actually pay below that for the car itself, but we pay MSRP for the options. Hope that addresses some of your concerns. Anyways, I gotta get back to work too. If you've got anymore specific questions, feel free to ask.