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I really need to spend few days and play with certain settings.

Is your complaint popping mids?
or distorted subs?

See my response in bold.

Originally Posted by omaragha View Post
Bitch aint the word fella !!

So in answer to your Q's

1) I am doing factory reset and complete install each time with CD etc etc

Correct way
2) I am calibarating at -30 and then truning up to -6 after in normal listening mode.
a) calibration at -21db and later run on -10 or around that.
b) calibration at 30-35 and later run on -6 - 0 depending on distortion level.
Keep amp gains at minimum.

And if none of these help, then worth of experimenting this;
Set the amp gains to 75% and recalibrate whole system on the settings given above.

One way or the other, it should work.

3) My fronts are L7 mids & tweets !! The PDX (amp) is running FL+FR & Sub 1 + Sub 2

If none works, ditch MS-8 and run your subs and front mids on amp.

Doing my swede in this is !!! Thanks for help tho mate !!