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Cobb Stage 1+FMIC on ACN 91-octane?

Just wondering what experiences have been running the Cobb stage 1+ FMIC maps on the 91 octane fuel we have out here in CA. Is knock-retard a problem?

I've been running the Sport+FMIC map and a bottle of NOS "Race" octane booster every tank for peace-of-mind. E85 isn't available near me, and I have no desire to mix it on this car since it's my daily ride. I'd prefer to not run the booster any more, but I fear I'll need to switch to the Drive map for that.

Before anyone gives me shit, yes, I know I should do some logging. I'm waiting until I'm totally done self-tuning my supercharged LS3 Corvette before I get into all that with this car. I'll probably get the accessTuner Race software and start playing with that eventually. For now I'm trying to keep it as simple as possible. I know Terry @ BMS swears by the NOS booster, so I think I'm playing it fairly safe running the sport mapping right now.

Opinions? What type of power should I expect to lose by switching to the +FMIC Drive mapping? Hardware wise, the car is stock besides a drop-in K&N and an AMS intercooler.