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N54 pure stage 2 misfire and o2 codes

Is anyone familiar or know what the issue is when car throws 2c2d and 2c2e "lambda thrust control" codes? was throwing random cylinder misfire codes as well.

one log i pulled the STFT's were stuck at 0 when going WOT but the AFR's were very lean and hovering around 15:1 until i let off at around 4700rpm.

while monitoring MHD i notice that the lambda banks 1 and 2 are very erratic when letting off the throttle and don't always climb back up to 234.00 afr.

plugs, coils, lpfp sensor are all new and injectors are index 12...pulled plugs and none had any sign of leaky injectors. All 4 bosch o2 sensors are less than a year old.

reset all adaptations using inpa and cleared codes...logged another couple pulls and trims were reading but AFR's were still lean (around 13-14) and not reading what they should be

any help would be much appreciated.

E90 LCI M-sport/ 6AT/ LSD/ FBO+