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Originally Posted by cn555ic View Post
If you have the dough the best possible lightin for night is direct AE ring replacement and HID fogs. I went from stock to this setup and OMG at night the roads are clear as day. So much more light then before. You will not notice much difference if you do the bulb replacement other than looks. It probably will be a drop brighter than he OEM bulb, but for what your looking for as more lighting for nightime driving, the gain is marginal at best.
thanks for sharing your thought. BTW i am pretty much satisfied with the AE ring now what i have... i never knew the Angel Eyes can make sight brighter at night.
actually i am looking for cost effective way so i don't think i will change my AE so then HID fog light will be the only option? to make my night drive brighter noticeably?

how about 55w 4500k for fog light? i heard 55w can give some damage on housing or others... is that true?