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Originally Posted by romanonj View Post
While I was on the roll, decided to change spark plugs.. Pulled out boots for cylinders 3 and 4 and both plugs are covered with oil, nah, more like sitting in oil tub.. I am anal when it comes to cleaning up any oil spills, and use funnel anyway to prevent em. My guess is coming from valvetronic motor. All of the remaining cylinder spark plugs are dry..

Took pics of that, changed spark plugs, saved the old ones.. So wish me luck..

Thanks for everyone for getting me motivated to look at this again.

I know this is old, but to the OP:

If you found spark plugs No. 3 and 4 sitting in oil when you went to change them, then the dealer DID NOT perform an engine compression test and ripped you off for $500. If they had performed the compression tests they would have found the plugs bathed in oil like you did because the compression test is performed by attaching a pressure meter to the cylinder using the spark plug hole. If they try and say that they didn't find such a condition and it must have happened afterwards, that is total BS because the valve cover gaskets would not leak that much oil in such a short time period.

Get your money back.