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Thumbs up 335d evolve tuned 1st in the US

So when I first heard that VS motorsports was going to get the tool to flash the 335d locked ECU's I was ecstatic. Right away I told them I wanted it, and for us to get this going. I wanted to get before/after dyno's to see the gains

I scheduled up a for a dyno session over at a local dynojet shop that I'm familiar with. Unfortunately we weren't able to pickup the RPM signal so I ended up just going to a shop further out with a mustang AWD dyno that picked up RPM via a vehicle speed calculation.

Here is the basline dyno sheet. Conditions were after a 60+ mile drive there went straight on the dyno, was about 40deg, and shell fuel. The highest the car read was 214whp / 344wtq.

Couple days after the dyno I dropped off the car over at VS motorsports to get flashed. They have a great shop and I was really impressed. Matt over there hooked me up with some new grillzzzz, plate frame and a great deal for the tune. Also they let me borrow their shop 1987 e28 528e while they took out the d's brains. They had a couple unexpected complications due to the US DME being different then the EU DME, they handled everything well and kept me updated with all the details of what was going on. What did I care, I was rocking out in a e28 anyway lol.

Just my luck that I get the car back when we're having a snow storm so I wasn't able to push the car and see what it could do, but it was cruising just as before with no hicups at all, just as smooth as when I 1st drove off the dealer lot.

So now its 5 days after I picked up the car from VS and finally have some dry and open roads that I could play around on. I did a pull on the way to work in the morning. Car pulled great but I noticed a drop off in power up top.

I called up the shop I did the baseline dyno on and we got me scheduled in. I filled up with the same shell fuel as last time and drive over there after work. 60+ mile drive up there averaging 38mpg Same conditions as last time, also about 40deg, drive it right up to the dyno and they strap it down

And here are the results. Before and after graphs are on the sheet. The highest the car read was 251whp / 388wtq on the AWD Mustang dyno. Biggest gains were 40whp@3600rpm / 71wtq @3200rpm. Both of the best runs of the day are on the sheet.

Car felt great and was getting better MPG's but again that drop off in power that I noticed on the street was evident on the tune. Also when comparing dyno sheets from other 335d's the graph just seemed off. I talked this over with VS and they relayed the message over to Evolve, they agreed that it did seem off and evolve wanted get the car on a dyno jet.

Matt @ VS called up Dean's Performance out in St. Charles, IL and got me scheduled in. Hans over there is a great guy and hes built some of the fastest cars in the Chicago land area. He strapped down the car well and picked up the RPM signal via the crank.

Nothing on the car changed from the runs on the mustang dyno. We did runs with varying conditions, after a cool off, back to back, after letting it idle for a while, rolling into it a bit later, etc.

I have more runs, but I'm at work and don't have my laptop on me so I can't pull them up.

The car was definitely smoother on the dynojet and Hans was able to do all the runs starting at around the same point, also it became more evident of the drop off in power up top that I was experiencing, it seams that the dynojet has a much higher resolution than the Mustang. After the dyno I sent Matt @ VS the files and he discussed them with Evolve. Evolve did agree that the map was off and modified the tune on the car.

VS loaded up the files on Friday on my lunch break, I got to rock the e28 again, lol, and I picked up my car after work. Right away the car felt so much better, it was crisp and I definitely noticed a power bump on my butt dyno, the car didn't feel like it dropped off up op and just felt like an animal!

Evolve wanted to make sure the graph was improved so I got scheduled in to see Hans at Dean's Performance the following Monday. We did the same thing as before, a cooled down run, back to back, letting it idle, heck for 1 I opened up the air box just to see but there were no significant gains, was the same as the other runs, just louder, you really heard it sucking!

I have more runs but this was the best run of the day, I don't have my laptop so I cant pull them up.

I'm loving the tune now, Evolve has been great to deal with and have pride in their tunes to the point they will re tune and re dyno to make sure their customer are happy with the results.

VS Motorsports was also great to deal with, always gave me the heads up on what was going on and made sure that Evolve took care of us.

So anyway, everyone go call up VS and get your 335d's evolved!!!

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