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Originally Posted by Concentric190 View Post
I'd be more interested in getting someone to take a stock 335d onto deans performances dyno jet. I wasn't happy with the mustang, barely any resolution on it.
As previously discussed, a dyno comparing someone else's stock car to yours after the tune is irrelevant IMO. Not to mention, this shop that you now all of a suddon perfer, has a relationship with VS, so it's not what I would consider an "independent" dyno, since there is a vested intererst among the parties. Heck for that matter there is a vested interest among everyone involved come to think of it.

I also don't understand why now you have a problem with the Mustang dyno. That wasn't mentioned before, well except you thought the hp/torque data was below your expectations, but that is no reason why not to like the Mustang dyno. A Mustang dyno is a perfectly fine tool to use to measure gains.

If VS/Evovle did squeek out more ponies after some tweaking it wiould be reflected on a follow-up on the Mustang dyno. THAT IS WHAT I WANT TO SEE and I would think it would be in everyone's best interest to do a follow-up dyno on the Mustang dyno, otherwise I only have the gains reflected on the follow-up dyno of 40 hp/71 trq to go by.

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