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Originally Posted by Simple1 View Post
I got it, sounds much deeper of course
Ok just unplugged the solenoid on my e90 335xi and wow, much more bass at <3000 rpm, very nice and smooth but after a while can get a little annoying i have to say. Nice thing is it's so easy to plug back! Someone should set it up with a switch so you can press loud exhaust on/off from the dashboard.

I hate to say it but it may feel like little less turbo lag, yes there is turbo lag in the 335i, throttle is not instantaneous by any means but no real deal-breaker just a nice mild reminder of the crazy turbo 80's (lol).

Nice mod, i really did not feel like messing with the tubing, this is very easy and quickly reversible. Thanks for pointing it out, it made my evening and once again makes the 335i such a nice easily tweakable machine (even if most change here is subjective...)

After trying a borla on my M3 (which was too loud and was taken off after 3 weeks) i have sworn off non-stock exhausts (except a tubi if i ever get a F-car)