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Originally Posted by jaceaholic View Post
zzzz time to sleep..
I am sleeping

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I'm set on getting another sedan so I'm planning on keeping a lot of the exterior mods. I'll probably do up to version two before I aim for a 335 and the modding will continue with FBOs. Not necessarily sponsored but rather become part of an exclusive group whose purpose is to emphasize the euro presence in the modding community. I guess being a part of a world-renowned group can help you get singled out for sponsorships but I highly doubt that will ever happen to me.
Very nice, it's what being a car enthusiast is all about but it's an expensive hobby and I thought you already had a 335? good luck with your goals though, hope to join those ranks one day.

Only things coming off my car are my rims, coil overs, sound system, and something else. I only bought mods for my car that can fit my future E90 right now I'm trying to find 19" Style 95 rims to replace my DPE's so I can start working on them.