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Originally Posted by Catscratch View Post
The car is at an idependent tyre dealer to check those things. They parhaps think it's a bad balancing / alignment. I'll have my car back tomorrow.

The problem is ... with my former Alfa's I could take corners really really stable, and if I'd give a bit more gas I know I would start to slide. I don't have that feeling in my BMW atm.

Also it hangs quite a lot in corners ... I'm curious ... would a BMW hang more in corners with 17 + RFT then 19 + normal tyres? I only got 7cm of tyre on my alloy.

I don't understand why A LOT of people here replaced they're RFT with normal ones and be very happy about it (without chaning supsension). Perhaps I was too soon to replace my tyres
If you are a very confident driver then try activating 'DTC'. With DSC fully active it's not really possible to balance the car on the throttle when cornering.

With DTC on increased wheel slip is possible which allows a greater degree of attitude through the bends.