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Originally Posted by rmw04c View Post
Not to hijack your thread, but I'm having the same issue with the one I bought today, but I bought it used. It has the 6NR option installed from the vehicle list they showed me, but I do not see ConnectedDrive. Further, I asked the salesman, who asked one of the techs, who said that "BMW Apps cannot be added to this car." He asked me if I wanted him to ask another tech, but I said no because it was already 8pm and I wanted to drive home. Do I have any options to get this done at the dealer since it was used or am I hosed?
While I will certainly defer to someone who knows more (i.e., Technic), I would think that if you bought a used E90/E92, etc., from a dealership, and they showed you documentation that your car had the 6NR option...then they should do whatever needs to be done in order to restore that feature.

I'm assuming you've read through the whole thread and realize there are a few additional options that you also need to have equipped. If you have these...and your iDrive menu shows BMW Assist instead of ConnectedDrive, then it is most likely a software issue. I know from speaking with my SA after it was finally fixed that even they thought it was something more complicated with my car (i.e., bad Combox, etc). But after they sent the car new software and then waited for a while, the iDrive menu changed over and all the ConnectedDrive functionality has been spot on so far (knock on wood).

So, while I don't know all the specifics of your purchase, warranty status, dealership reliability, etc., I would think you should have all functions that are listed on that car working on delivery.

What are the stats on your new ride?
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