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UK E92 - Another Upgrade FWIW


I’m not new to the audio scene but since selling my previous car (see sig) with SWS, Bit One, JL Amp, Focal KRS100 and Technic Harness, I am really missing a good sound system and bass!

I’ve got a pre LCI E92 335D with BASE system so 6 spkr garbage. I want to change the upfront components (3 way) and add a sub or two in the boot and of course an EQ. My take on Focals is this – excellent value for money however too ‘bright’ IMHO. I have seen a list floating about with the various speaker options but my problem is I cannot for the life of me decide what to go with and I don’t want to spend a zillion ££ on my upgrade although it will probably go into £1.5k if I’m careful!

The Aim:
I want a good amount of bass and clarity – this is key!

The confusion / questions:
EQ / Processor: Firstly, is an MS-8 worth getting or can I put that money towards a better amp?! I may have the opportunity to pick up an MS-8 second hand for quite less than its RRP but is it worth it?! Does everyone on here go for an MS-8 / Bit One? What other options lie outside of this and will they even be worth considering??

Components: I can get Morel Dotech Ovation (4” is what I’m going for I assume?!) for about £200-£250 all in.. here in the UK – are these good quality speakers for its price? I don’t want to spend more than that on 2 way as I still need to factor the cost of aftermarket underseat woofers.
o What other decent 8” underseat subs are there instead of SWS Earthquakes? If I am putting 1x or 2 x 10” / 12”subs in the boot, will these SWS-Earthquakes be an overkill??
o If yes to the above, should I simply look to get a 3 way package like the one from HERTZ ESK 163L I believe, which come with 6.5” underseats for the same price as Morels a 2 way comp as aforementioned?

Amp: What can you tell me lol.. so many to choose from!

Wiring: Will the new amp power the Boot Subs alone and the HU power the new components (including underseats?)

Apologies for the long read but look forward to any advice!
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