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Originally Posted by AWBimmer View Post
The confusion / questions:
• EQ / Processor: Firstly, is an MS-8 worth getting or can I put that money towards a better amp?! I may have the opportunity to pick up an MS-8 second hand for quite less than its RRP but is it worth it?! Does everyone on here go for an MS-8 / Bit One? What other options lie outside of this and will they even be worth considering??

You need to get something that will sort that base EQ out. If you don't, the amplified signal will sound rubbish. Your options are either a recode or a digital processor. A recode would've been my first choice but some HU's can not be recoded without changing the hardware. I also wanted the ability to return to stock. However there are still advantages of a processor even if you do recode. If you have heard Logic 7 and like centre staging and are prepared to tweak a lot then the MS-8 would be a good investment, a great one if you can get it cheaper. It does wonders once you get everything set up right. Haven't ever used the Bit One so cant comment but i suspect it does the same thing but in more depth?

• Components: I can get Morel Dotech Ovation (4” is what I’m going for I assume?!) for about £200-£250 all in.. here in the UK – are these good quality speakers for its price?
Exact same as me. 4" is the way to go. I got mine from Greg at AutoAudio in Park Royal, London for around £225. Considering these are the same price as Focals its a great deal. These are great quality speakers. Bring the music to life, you can hear stuff in the music that previously you never knew was there! But as ctuna says you need to check fitment regarding depth in your e92. Also you'll need to make your own adaptor if you dont want to drill into your leather. I did put an adaptor template up but it was for an e90. It is worth it though! Seeing as though you may install an MS-8, you should fit a centre channel in as well. If funds are an issue then the Vibe Slick 4 is a good value speaker. If you want to go all out then get a Morel Integra Ovation 4, which is what i did

I don’t want to spend more than that on 2 way as I still need to factor the cost of aftermarket underseat woofers.
o What other decent 8” underseat subs are there instead of SWS Earthquakes? If I am putting 1x or 2 x 10” / 12”subs in the boot, will these SWS-Earthquakes be an overkill??
o If yes to the above, should I simply look to get a 3 way package like the one from HERTZ ESK 163L I believe, which come with 6.5” underseats for the same price as Morels a 2 way comp as aforementioned?

I think it would be overkill as you want your sub bass to come from your sub, and mid bass from the underseats. Jehnerts are a great option (£240 delivered from Jehnert in Germany direct, with adaptors). I havent heard the Hertz, but for that price point i suspect the quality will be lower than the Morels/Jehnerts. Plus they are 6.5" mid bass drivers. You really do get what you pay for.
• Amp: What can you tell me lol.. so many to choose from!
It depends on what set up you go for, i.e if you get a centre channel. I went with a JL XD600/6 as it was small enough to fit in the left hand compartment (mines an e90 though), had 6 channels of nice clean power and loads of people swear by it on here, and now i do The HD series is apparantly even better. I got my xd from CAD for £360

• Wiring: Will the new amp power the Boot Subs alone and the HU power the new components (including underseats?)

I wish! The HU doesnt have nowhere near enough power to power components and underseats. If you want you could probably get one amp for all. It depends on how much your sub demands. You can get 5 channel amps with a sub output of around 300w. The Morels and Jehnerts should sound nice with 75-120w ish.

Apologies for the long read but look forward to any advice!
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