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Originally Posted by AWBimmer View Post
Mob 17, thanks for the info and your kind offer, if I'm ever in those neck of the woods, I'll be sure to drop you a line :-)

Yeah understood re: EQ..just not sure whether its worth spending 350-400 on an MS-8 when I know I won't tweak it much. If I recode, then I may opto for something cheaper maybe a cleanweep or cache of some sort.... just can't decide what I'd need an MS-8 for if I won't be tweaking it.. and I'm pretty certain I won't given a/I don't know how to and b/I never tuned the Bit One at all!

By tweaking i meant there will probably be quite a few calibrations you would need to do in order to get the best results. I only mentioned this as its marketed as quick and easy; but its not! Especially if you have a partially amped system, it gets more complicated. But you will get loads of help on here to help you. Having said that i dont think theres anywhere near enough work to do compared to a bit one. But once you're happy you can leave it. Its still amazing to me what the ms-8 can do. I got it because i couldnt recode. My first upgrade was an ms-8 and the vibe centre. Kept the rest of the speakers stock. Was a huge improvement on clarity, staging and a decent improvement in bass (still had the oem woofers). Music sounds like it comes from all across the dash and yet still retains a nice centre. Its also got 8 channels with adjustable crossovers for each one.

Saying that, I'm trying not to miss out on a trend as I have heard an MS-8 in action before! I have also heard the L7 13 spkr system in an E92 and they def sound the nuts compared to BASE package.

How can I find out if mine can be recoded without HW changes? Pre LCI 2006 Coupe.
It varies a lot. Maybe mine could have been coded, but i doubt it. I rang up a few BMW dealerships and asked them if they could recode my headunit to HiFi. Some dont even know so then i said "the same recoding you do for the Alpine Upgrade". One dealer said they wont do it, the other said they cant without replacing hardware. Independants didnt know and said they can try; but i wasnt confident enough! But there are people/ independants that can recode it, i think there's a thread in the UK section about coders. Up to you if you can find one you trust
RE: Components - Never heard of AutoAudio but we have John Kleis just 15 mins from me so may pay him a visit for more info at some point! I'll also give Greg a shout soon too - London's always on my agenda so I'm there few times a month anyways! Yes these are the same price as focals and I won't be getting them anytime soon - way too bright for me after owning it. Thought it was just me but clearly not.

The Morels are definately not bright, they sound nice and warm. AutoAudio are the official UK importers of Morels, and i found that their pricing is the cheapest. Definately give Greg a call. He wont know much about the ms-8 but he will definately advise you on the Morels. Nice chap but hard to get hold of. The Hybrids are supposed to be better but i have never heard them. Plus they are pretty expensive, nearly double!

Yeah adaptor wise I'll have to buy one from somewhere but is there a major issue of fitting morels into the door? Focals previously were 4" .. and bot morels and focals seem fairly shallow?!

I previously for my E90 bought all the adaptors etc from 808MGUY over in the US and sadly everything got sold with the car! Pissed off but c'est la vie! Last time didn't fit a centre channel but this time I def will and Vibe may be the way to go as several people have used it and can vouch for it!

I couldnt find anywhere that would sell the adaptors so i had to make some myself. I did contact 808MGuy but he stopped making them Im not really sure on the fitment of the e92, but from memory im sure people have fitted them in... The vibe would be a good speaker, if you're not happy its only 20-30 and you can always upgrade. I upgraded to a Morel coaxial as the ms-8 makes the centre speaker important, plus i wanted the same quality all across

RE: Underseats.. Will getting 8" over 6.5" really matter that much if my bass will be coming from the subs in the boot? The underseat can then effectively be programmed for pure mid -bass drivers rather than sub woofers.. therefore extra clarity? Or am I twisting things now??

You've mentioned Jenherts for 240.. are these 8" or 6.5"? If they come with adaptors / spacers, that's one less headache!

I've not heard hertz but it's fairly popular amongst some people. I'm not looking to go down hertz as althought its a nice little package, as you say.. you do get what you pay for!

I'll have to think of something else if not SWS!

The Jehnert XE200s are 8" mid bass drivers, and yes come with the adaptors Ring them up in Germany. Last time i spoke to them they said 313 euros. I fitted mine a few weeks ago, no probs, but i collected from Germany They are considered to be one of the most accurate mid bass drivers available. Because you're getting a sub i'd go with these and not the SWS. I really think you should get Morels/Jehnerts (or another MID bass driver you see fit) vs Hertz. If funds are an issue, like they were with me, its worth doing your audio in stages. I first added the Vibe centre and ms-8, then Morel Dotechs and xd600/6, then Morel Integra centre and then the Jehnerts. Personally i think this is better than settling for a cheaper package and then a few months later spending a load to upgrade. But its up to you and if you've heard the Hertz you can decide Im not sure how many people have installed them on here.

Re: Amp ... is this going to be a 1 stop solution to my needs.. (3 way components + 1 or 2 subs in the boot??)

.............. .........

4 chn is no good I suppose then!?

Someone on here is selling it for a fraction of that price so is it worth getting for about 300 and will this be the only amp I will need?? Please explain what I'd power off these (boot sub and underseat upgraded woofers as well as the components?) What will the MS-8 be powered off - the HU?? Can the HU not power anything i.e tweeters..??
I cant view that link for some reason...

The HU shouldn't really be used for anything apart from the rears, but if you get an ms-8 you will use that to power the rears. Im not sure what you mean by what the ms-8 will be powered off. It will basically take speaker level input from the HU, do its thing, and then off to additional amps and finally to speakers. The power/ground wiring is done as a normal amp. A remote line would also need to be fitted. If you get a Technic harness, which i strongly recommend, you can grab the speaker outputs and remote from the HU with no cutting. He can also provide you with speaker connectors if you're too lazy to get them from BMW (like i was!).

Regarding your amp options, it all depends if you get a centre channel and amp it. You can get away without amping the centre and running it off the ms-8 (you'll need a more efficient speaker like a dls 424) but i would not recommend it. In the words of taibanl "the centre channel will be the workhorse of your system", so its best to amp it. So then you'll have 5 channels to amp (centre, morel 2 way components and the underseats), plus your sub so 6. Rears are best to leave on ms-8 power. I think you would find it hard to find an amp to do all of that. You'd most probably would have to get 2 amps, one for everything inside and one for the sub. You can pick up a brand new JL XD 600/6 for 360 from CAD, after a bit of haggling.

If you dont get a centre then you can get an all in one solution. You can get a 5 channel amp with 4 "normal" channels plus a 300w sub channel. Alpine and JL both do these.

So it all really comes down to if you want/need an MS-8 or not. If you do then you'd want a centre and then you'd need two amps. If you dont you can get an all in one solution.

If you want SQ then ms-8, vibe/morel integra, morel dotech/hybrid and jehnerts is a good route.

What enclosure are you looking to put your sub in? And what sub are you looking at?

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