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Got the MS8 and now being offered the Jehnerts XE200 + spacers + Alpine PDX 4.100 for 300.. that means I need to find a 2 way kit but what is decent at 150??

The other choice was stick to getting HERTZ ESK163L 3 way comp but as this only comes with 6.5" underseats, I'm being skeptical as to whether it'll be a good enough sound...

I've picked up a JL 10w7 + a full boot install and therefore will have a good level of bass..

Will getting the Jehnert XE200 8" be a bit of an overkill too (as was the case with SWS) given that I'll have the 10w7 in the boot or could I simply do with the Hertz 3 way com set which comes with the 6.5" underseats?

My concern is if I get the Jehnerts + this Alpine PDX 4.100 from a friend who's kindly offering me a great price, I'll be looking at 150-220 for a 2 way set which equates to around 520 on a set of 3 way comps and an Alpine PDX 4 chn Amp..

Is it me or that quite expensive?

The hertz ESK 163L comes in a grand total of 220 ish and includes (1", 4" and 6.5")
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