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Originally Posted by SavvyByNature View Post
If you are spending this type of money, why not get it tuned by the company over in Germany? I cant remember their name off the top of my head, but v supposedly they can tune the engine to over 270hp.

Also there is a company that sells a stroker kit that will get you 300+HP.
Well I've heard the best 328i tune is AA Stage 2. Might as well stick with that. And any chance you can find that stroker kit? Sounds interesting!

Originally Posted by CombatNinja View Post
The stuff you listed is over $16,000. Plus labor, paint and misc expenses puts you easily at $30K. Plus the cost of the automatic base model 3-series that you will festoon with all of this stupid crap and you are at $50-55K for a slow car that is worth about $15,000 because it is so hacked up. Knock yourself out.
Relax, bro. I'm getting 20% discounts off everything, and won't be purchasing a few of these parts. My friend is a Dinan-approved mechanic and agreed to install my parts for free. Everything will cost $35,000 for a sexy yet well-sounding bimmer. That's my goal, and I know it will turn out great.