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Originally Posted by Rotorocious View Post
And the 328 has different bushings?
I believe so. Even if it doesn't, it also doesn't have TWIN TURBO, meaning there is much less chance of having any issues with these bushings.

Originally Posted by rorkor View Post
I am all for you spending whatever you want on your car, that said, what makes you so big on the N51 SULEV vs. the N52B other than that is what you ended up with? The N51 has more restrictive parts. Just curious.
N51 SULEV has the 3-stage intake manifold, gets better MPG, and produces the same horsepower AT A LOWER COMPRESSION RATIO, meaning it has more potential than the N52 engine.

Originally Posted by mlifxs View Post
quite the list, if I had this kind of money:

in the "performance" category, I would be inclined to spend less money on exhaust and intake and put the money into suspension / wheel / tire

M3 front control arms
M3 rear subframe bushings or powerflex inserts
Camber plates
Apex ARC-8 or EC-7 (lighter unsprung weight) for summer
Hankook Rs-3 for summer

...and no way I'd have an automatic

good luck, enjoy this
Hmm, will look into these parts as well. Thanks for being one of the first to actually bring some helpful advice to the table other than "buy a 335i"