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Originally Posted by Volasko View Post
From the tell of this list it is obvious you care more about looks than performance, the automatic is the biggest tell. I could care less about how you spend your money but if you are willing to dump that kinda change into your car do everyone a favor and do a before and after dyno.

I would agree with the comment above about about the 335 PE and you shouldn't waste your money on the PI, just get an euro intake and save half that coin!
Well, I don't know how to drive stick. Worth learning?

I will definitely post a before and after dyno for everyone. I'm not expecting much HP gains, but then again, that's not my goal for this build anyways.

The irony is that 1/2 of the people commenting how I'm spending too much on my car have spent at least $5,000 in modifications themselves haha.