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Looks like a good long day. I like the perspective of these two, just like a car ad.

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So rather than spend the day trying to get a space among thousands to watch 20 minutes of fireworks, I grabbed a buddy of mine and we hit the road. Dinner at Lake Tahoe was the goal, and we decided to take the path less taken. We drove California Highway 4 from one end to the other. It begins near my house in Hercules California, and ends in the eastern Sierra Nevada mountains at the junction of Highway 89, which runs up the western side of the Lake Tahoe. Here is the route we took in the X1. The photos mostly come from the area between Arnold and Lake Tahoe.

Please note that the car started off fairly clean, but crossing the central valley through the delta, I picked up approximately 1 billion bugs. As we started climbing it seemed to get a bit less buggy. Soon the heat of the valley was replaced by cool mountain air after we started climbing out after Angels Camp (Where Mark Twain wrote about the frog jumping contest).

20130704-IMG_7940 by
Hope you enjoyed the photos and hope everyone in the US had a nice 4th.
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