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Originally Posted by mikerh80 View Post
Sorry Im a noob! I just bought a new E90 335xi with the sport package. Wanted the i but wife had to have all wheel drive. Aw well, I guess If I throw on a KW suspension kit it will be better than the regular i sport suspension... right? It still bothers me to spend so much money on a "sport" sedan and have to throw even more money into it to actually make it act like one. I plan on taking a "few" trips around the Nurburgring next spring/summer (I only live about 40 minutes away from it!) but I would like to do something about the suspension first. Have any of you guys heard of AC Schnitzer? Its the German version of Dinan, I wonder if they make a suspension for the XI's. I am asuming they don't, I havent seen to many Germans riding around with Xi BMW's, (there are plenty of Audi's though, seems like they have taken over the roads from BMW the past few years out here). I will ask when I go and pick up the new ride on Dec 15th.
To answer the first bold part - not necessarily. I drove a 328i loaner w/sports package and the suspension was really good - surprising, since i have a 335xi w/KW V1 coilovers. Its not just a difference in springs/shocks for the XI vs. I suspension geometry. There are alot more things to take into consideration.

I think that a decent sway bar up front should change my mind on that, but I havent done it yet.

AC Schnitzer, Dinan, and Hamann -- they are good,and were popular in the past, but as time has gone by and newer products and technology have come out, i think that people have come to the conclusion that those brands are OVERPRICED and you can get better items elsewhere.

Audi Quattro is WAY different than BMW X drive. If I were going AWD again, I would go Quattro.

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Sorry i am new here
Can anyone tell me the different between kw v1 &v3 and how they feel on the road?
thinking to change it for my E92 335xi but don't know which one to choose
KW V1 - no adjustability, just ride height can be raised or lowered

KW V2 - rebound, ride height

KW V3 - Rebound, Compression, Ride Height

V2 is not available for xi models, but V1 and V3 are! I would go with V1 unless you are doing competitive motorsports w/the car (autox /track days/etc)

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