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Originally Posted by Gamoto View Post
Are you being facetious with your silly questions. Did you ever hear a conservative utter the words "Redistribution of Wealth"
I hear conservatives say a lot of stupid things all the time, mostly regurgitating the propaganda feed from Fox news, which you guys all march to.

Truth is, most of these catch phrases are just vacuous bullshit, like "death panels", "rammed down our throats", "tax & spend", "weak on defense", and "anti-American".

Meanwhile, you purport to be for "personal freedom", as long as that means you're a pro-life pro-death penalty Christian. You're "pro-American", but really only for people who look like you. You're against "activist judges", but you're OK with rounding up a bunch of untried, unconvicted "terror suspects", and letting them rot for 10 years in a place that, through some legal loophole, is part of Cuba (which Americans were banned from) and therefore beyond any jurisdiction. You're nationalistic, except when it comes to made-up wars, and then it's OK to spend decades fighting for some enemy Muslim country's "freedom", and anyone who says otherwise is not a "real American".

You call healthcare reform "socialism", even though it actually requires individuals to pay INTO the system, and yet you're fine with the millions of conservatives who are getting medicare and social security from the government.

I'd like you to give me an actual example of Democrats "redistributing the wealth", keeping in mind that we've had a graduated tax system, social programs, and more for about 80 years now.

I support relief for the struggling middle class; I have no idea what you support, other than the propagation of divisive stereotypes.