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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
Way to take what I said and not answer a single thing. Oh, except calling me misguided, but then just launching personal attacks and not giving a definitive reason why.

I never said it had anything to do with Obama, stop putting words into my mouth. I also rarely visit this part of the forums (for good reason, because there's a lot of hate and total brainwashing that goes on here), so I rarely ever post here. I'm not and never was a fan of Bush either. In fact I think he should go down in history as one of the worst for what he did to this country. Obama isn't exactly a shining beacon of hope either...

Why did you even bring Bush up? I never mentioned anything about him. Why is it that every time someone who posts something that isn't quite in line with a liberal democratic view, you have to invoke the name of Bush as if I think he is some sort of perfection? I don't understand this... Have you nothing else to base your arguments on? This isn't even about Bush, it's about a system that is flawed and is easily taken advantage of, and occurred WELL before Bush, and Bush senior were serving their terms. Welfare, Medicare, Social Security... All of it. EDIT: Just saw your age on your profile, so I won't speak for you... I'll just say that personally I have a problem with paying into a system where others will benefit but I likely will NOT. Those funds are not being used appropriately, and will probably be gone by the time I reach retirement age. That is why I have my own retirement plan, because I will not count on the government taking care of me...

How exactly am I misguided? Because I want my money for me and not anyone else? I wouldn't say misguided. I was expecting you to call me selfish.

FWIW, I donate to a variety of causes with the money I earn and am satisfied with that. I'm not satisfied with being forced to give money to the leeches of society, especially the ones in THIS country where everyone has the right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."
You probably shouldn't visit here if you can't follow what is going on in a thread, and then act all pissy when you get questioned about how your post relates to the post you responded to.

Social Security doesn't 100% go away if the surplus is ever spent down. Social Security will still have enough funding to pay roughly 80% of its obligations even if it isn't reformed. You've been sold a lie that you will get nothing. The only way that could happen would be if people like you acted as a self-fulfilling prophecy and did something stupid to kill it. With moderate reform, there is no reason why the system that has paid out 100% of its obligations for over 80 years AND generating a surplus, won't continue to do so long into the future.

If you want to pay cash to the doctor instead of having insurance, nothing is stopping you from doing it right now. Except that it would be the most idiotic thing you could do with your money, and you already know it. Because Health Insurance isn't just about having enough money to protect your health, it is also about having enough coverage to protect your wealth.

If you are wealthy enough to pay for a Multi-Million dollar major medical event out of your pocket, then you should be smart enough to protect yourself from losing millions of dollars by spending less than .02% of your wealth on health insurance to protect your millions. If you choose not to protect your millions with Health Insurance premiums that are a rounding error in your wealth, you are a fool from whom your wealth is soon parted.

If you are not wealthy enough to pay for a Multi-Million dollar major medical event out of your pocket, you are a Socialist. You are privatizing your profits, while socializing your risks. Because when you show up in the Emergency Room half-mangled from wrecking your 2011 BMW M3, it will be ME and everyone else paying your bill for you when you fail to pay it.

But since we all know you actually have health insurance (even though absolutely nobody is forcing you to have it) what you are is this:

An intellectually dishonest fraud.

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