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Originally Posted by Syndicategt View Post
Here's a great reason you guys need the FMIC and Meth. So I just drove home from work, approx 40 miles. I'm near my house and driving next to a red Vette (C5 i'm guessing). Not thinking anything of it because he was an older gentleman with his wife, we both get to a stop sign and I was about to drive off normally when I hear the roar of his V8 and him spinning wheels. Game on! After a 40 mile drive, when you would normally be completely heat soaked, I spun in 2nd but once I got traction and shifted to 3rd he was about 3 car lengths behind me. I only got to about 70 mph before it was a no contest and gave him a thumbs up. **Note I don't normally street race and am the first to say keep it on the track** but the road was completely empty and never went far above the limit. Just goes to show how much those 2 can keep IAT's down, feels like a car on cold mornings all the time.
thanks for the headsup Will, mine is going to be install Friday =)
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