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New NBA Season

Well if there are any basketball fans here, you all know its been around a week since the start of the new season. I as an Australian basketball and rugby fanatic love the NBA and have been a Lakers fan since four years old.
My predictions for which team will advance to the finals are quite simple.

Utah Jazz have a great team assembled and if injuries don't plague them then i think they could definately secure the west. They have the defence of Detroit(Thanks to Boozer and Kirilenko) and the offense of the Suns(Derek Fisher, Boozer, Kirilenko and Okur).

As for the east i have always loved detroit pistons but there vital piece Ben Wallace is now in chicago which means to me they won't be advancing to the conference finals. I have a great feeling about the Bulls doing some damage in the east and could probably secure the east. This can only happen if Ben Gorden and Hinrich are more consistent with there offensive game.

Please feel free to comment on any team, or if you agree or disagree to my predictions then please provide your views or predictions.