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Originally Posted by typerlover
Could see the Cavs doing more damage than the Bulls in the East. Once shaq is back the heat will be too. New Jersey can always jump up and be dangerous.

In the west, its simple. Dallas or San Antonio. Jazz won't do anything, neither the lakers, or any other team for that matter.
I think you are underestimating the Jazz. They have a great line-up as well as great veteran back-ups like Derek fisher and Mat Harpring. This team has plenty of potential and is the only team that has good stats against San Antonio when it comes to games played against each other. I do like the talent and good team work of San Antonio but i still favour the Jazz simply because when the team had its full line-up(injuries plagued the team) at the end of the season they were on constant winning streaks.

Lakers have improved from last season as the addition of Radmonavic and Evens provide more offense and better back-ups for Kobe when his having a breather. Bynum is a massive improvement thanks to Kareem Abdul-Jabbars guidance. Odom has stepped it up for the team. This team may not be a Western confrerence winner but they will certainly fight it out.