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anyways, yall notice the way the game has changed since back in the jordan period just in the was so much more physical i was watchign some old games on nba tv and espn classic now they call on little bumps and just it was muhc mroe physical you can play real D back then, these days i dont know, i think they just want more response more higher scoring and peopel dont have th talent these days, one knock i have on lebron is his shooting skill level, he wouldnt be dropping 30 in the 90s with the d that is played by those guys without getting to hte line on ticky tack calls like he and wade are now, kobe was there twoards the end of that era, jordan dominated its not there fault they are taking what thy are getting, its thet nba and rule changes so that players can score more...but as for mr silver read my post...and if you dont respect anyone who cheats, whic his fair enough but sadily the case for majority of the nba athletes including the great himsefl...MJ so you dont respect jordan either?
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