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Thieving Scum.....!!!!!

No not the theft of my black grills.........

.....nor the BMW wheel centres............

..... nor the dust caps............


it's my hard earned taxes being squandered by people employed to look after my interests. At best it's bringing the government in to disrepute and they should be sacked. At worst it is theft and fraud and the Police should be taking legal action in the courts. How they think the can pay pack up to 100k for and empty flat in Kent, 16,000 for non existent mortgages or 400 a month for food and then be 'cleared' of the expense beggars belief. Does a car thief handing back the car when caught allow him to not receive a court appearance. I think not. So how do politicians feel they are beyond the law.

FFS I am really mad. I'd lose my job for stealing stationary