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Originally Posted by carrerarsr View Post
So how do politicians feel they are beyond the law.
Because over the years they have manipulated and changed the 'law' to support the system that they are now apparently so ashamed of.

For instance, if any of us tried to argue with HMRC that we had received money as 'expenses' that were not 'wholly and exclusively' necessary to the function of our job, we would be charged tax on them as a 'benefit in kind'.

But .. the MP's are allowed claim all sorts of things that benefit them personally as tax free expenses.

The reality is that this has been treated as an allowance system and the bulk of their 'expenses' should have been classed as taxable income. It would be for the rest if us, but when you make the rules you can do what you want.

Same with 'flipping'. Do you think HMRC would accept that anyone claiming for a second home as a business expense could simultaneously declare it as a main residence for capital gains tax? Of course not, if we tried it we would be pursued in the courts, but HMRC have made it expressly allowable in the case of MP's.